About Us

Personalized One-on-One services for clients anywhere in the world.

 We offer a free, one time, 30 minute session with a certified life coach to evaluate if the coach-client relationship is feasible for the client and for the coach as well. What’s meant by this is that if there is an issue not meant for coaching, then we will make a recommendation for other services, if needed, but not provided by us. Sessions are held by phone or Zoom, your choice.

 We are here to help provide a strategy to meet one’s goals, reset direction and also to encourage. This is why we offer a free session. For the benefit of both parties as this is a relationship of cooperation, working together on matters so important to clients, so having a working relationship is “key” to success. And reaching the point of success needs to be a goal on both sides. We do not sell nor share your information to any third party.

Please note that it is not our goal to diagnose or treat any physical or mental health issue, but to help you navigate the road ahead.


Life Coaching

We offer coaching for those looking to reach their full potential. For those who are motivated in setting personal goals in respect to career, family, relationships and personal growth. We work with clients that understand, having an ally and partner in achieving their goals can be extremely helpful in reaching their full potential.

So often we can find ourselves feeling “stuck” or “doubtful” of the direction we are taking. This is where coaching can be so helpful. At times, we may just need a “tune up” or help in establishing a plan, whether short or long term.

We work with our clients as a partner by listening to their goals, then partner up to achieve those goals, not to alter or re-direct their plan, but to help get there, as efficiently as possible. We also make sure our clients understand, we are not taking over, we are a partner and the “client” is going to reach the desired results based on the time and effort taken by them. We also try to have our clients understand that though we all stumble at times, but through coaching and encouragement, we help to keep the focus on the goal, to continue to progress and reach the desired result/destination.

We are not here to judge. Therefore honesty between client and coach is essential for positive results. Coach and client are “team mates” to reach the goals desired. Another important issue is that discussions between client and coach are confidential. Any discussions between client and coach will not be discussed with anyone, including client’s family unless so desired.

Our services are not to replace psychiatric or mental health professional treatment. We specialize on family, such as setting goals for a positive path. On career, for anyone looking to grow, find a new direction and establish a plan. On relationships, providing advice to make better choices on past actions and helping to realize certain changes that need to be made to achieve more positive results.


  Debt Settlement Coaching

For those that find themselves in credit card debt and are looking for a way to relieve themselves of the financial burden, we also offer coaching by a certified debt settlement professional to help clients settle their debt themselves.

Many have looked into debt settlement companies but have been discouraged by the significant fees charged, often times providing little savings in settling their burdensome credit card debt.

We have years of experience in settling debts with banks, collection companies and law offices. We offer coaching for clients to settle their debts on their own, therefore saving thousands of dollars in fees that would instead be used towards the debts themselves. This requires guidance from the coach, but also discipline from the client. This is working as a team where there is an understanding that strategy along with discipline is required to reach the desired goals.

We do not encourage anyone to stop paying their debts as there are consequences to doing so. This is for those that have reached a point where there is no other option, a last resort if you will. If that is the case, working with an experienced coach is valuable in taking the correct path to resolving ones debt and therefore saving potentially thousands of dollars in the process. Debt settlement coaching is only available for clients in the United States.

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